The IACUC Program Specialist provides support to the Human Health and Performance (HH&P) Directorate at NASA/JSC as part of the NASA Flight Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). The Program Specialist will support our commitment to maintaining compliance with various federal regulations regarding animal research and teaching activities. Specifically, this position will provide support and direction to the Flight IACUC on a daily basis. This individual will be one of the recognized institutional experts on regulatory requirements regarding animal care and use and is expected to provide advice and guidance regarding regulatory and policy requirements for the institutions animal care. This individual must possess excellent organizational, interpersonal and communications skills and the ability to manage confidential information. Must be very detailed oriented, flexible and possess the ability to work under pressure. Must be a quick learner and able to set priorities by handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

Supports the NASA Flight IACUC in its daily activities and regulatory requirements.

Provides administrative support to the IACUC Chair.
Drafts IACUC appointment letters for the IO.
Establishes the IACUC and semiannual program review/facility inspection meeting calendars.
Schedules IACUC meetings (monthly, or more frequently), semi-annual facility inspections and semi-annual program reviews, as well as other IACUC-program related meetings, as needed.
Drafts IACUC agendas with subsequent input from the Chair and/or AV prior to distributing to IACUC members for review and approval.
Distributes agendas and corresponding materials to IACUC members days in advance of the scheduled IACUC meeting.
Attends, coordinates and contributes to Flight IACUC meetings.
Selects timely relevant topics and prepares and presents ongoing continuing education at IACUC meetings.

Follows up on all outstanding business identified during IACUC meetings.
Drafts IACUC minutes with subsequent input from the Chair as needed, and distributes the IACUC-approved version to the Flight IO
Maintains and promotes IACUC confidentiality.
Works as needed or upon request with PIs to help complete a protocol or amendment applications prior to submission to the IACUC.
Performs an extensive and complete pre-IACUC administrative review of protocols and amendments, including grant/protocol congruence as well as cross-checking against previously submitted versions of the protocol.
Ensures all personnel listed on protocol have met training and qualification requirements.
Ensures all personnel listed on protocol are enrolled in an Occupational Health and Safety Program for individuals exposed to research animals or research animal products.
Obtains and maintains copies of IACUC-approved ground protocols performed by non-NASA facilities related to Flight protocols and ensures congruency.
Communicates in writing to the PI any concerns and/or need for additional information and/or suggested revisions prior to distributing the protocol or amendment (with revisions if applicable) to IACUC members.
Identifies the appropriate mechanism for review (i.e., FCR or DMR), and contacts the Chair for assigned presenters and/or designated member reviewers as required by mandate.
Communicates in writing to the PI any concerns and/or need for additional information and/or necessary revisions received from IACUC members and communicates the PI’s response to the IACUC.
Facilitates the ethical review of research proposals.
Prepares approval letters for Chair Signature.
Maintains a protocol folder for each protocol to include the approved protocol, approval letter, corresponding grants, ground IACUC-approved protocols, and all corresponding written communications to and from the PI team and IACUC, including memos and emails, red-line protocol submissions, leading up to the final approved product.
Tracks the timeliness of the protocol/amendment review process from the date submitted to the IACUC office, pre-IACUC administrative review, IACUC-review, through to final approval.
Maintains a dynamic calendar to track important deadlines associated with IACUC meetings, IACUC member term expiration, protocol approval expiration, semiannual evaluations, deficiency correction deadlines, federal reports due dates, training and refresher dates, etc.
Schedules, coordinates and leads semiannual program reviews and facility inspections, and prepares the corresponding reports with all mandated elements for presentation to the IACUC, IACUC signatures and provision to the IO.
Actively works with individuals designated by the IACUC to meet the plan and schedule for correction of deficiencies to ascertain and report progress at monthly IACUC meetings and ensures deadlines are met.
Oversees the training program and tracks participation for all individuals involved directly or indirectly in animals research associated with the FIACUC program, such as, but not limited to, IACUC members, NASA employees and NASA contractors (including crew and research staff) listed on animal use protocols, and other individuals associated with flight animal research such as, but not limited to, individuals that clean habitats and transporters, observe (visually or aurally) animal care and use activities on console or elsewhere, perform daily animal health checks, etc.
Complies with NASA and other federal agency records retention schedules as applicable to IACUC-records.
Participates in the development of the AAALAC Program Description, enhanced semiannual evaluation checklist, PHS Animal Welfare Assurance and other program documents.
Participates in the development and revisions to IACUC policies, processes and procedures required by federal mandates, and as necessary, to improve the functioning of IACUC process.
Prepares written narratives describing both administrative and IACUC-established guidelines, position statements, mechanisms for ensuring compliance with the federal laws, regulations, policies and guidelines.
Drafts IACUC guidelines, and other documents intended to inform and service IACUC-stakeholders and customers.
Leads FIACUC Website development and maintenance.
Remains current with and informs the IACUC about proposed federal laws and regulations and voluntary guidelines or changes to existing ones, related to research compliance that may impact the way the FIACUC program conducts business.
Implements commercial IACUC software and trains investigative staff and IACUC members in its use.

Performs other duties as assigned.